Restaurants we LOVE!

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This list is always growing but I will admit to eating out at least 3 times a week and here are some of our faves:


Boom Noodles: The guys call this Boom Boom.  The edamame puree is a huge hit.  The boys love their bento boxes.

Blue C Sushi: Also known as Round and Round Sushi in this house.  My guys could live off their avacado rolls and chicken katsu.

Cactus: This place has Southwestern/Mexican food and I really like their decor.  The kid’s meal has a reasonably priced bean burrito that is yummy.  I like the drinks, fajitas, tortilla soup and fry bread.

Cafe Vivace: Our favorite place to stop for coffee.

Columbia City Bakery: I am in love with their cardamom cake and the boys adore their cinnamon twists and their easy to look in pastry case.  Olive bread when available is divine too!

Dahlia Bakery:  if the hubby stops here and picks up their potato bread we are guaranteed a yummy dinner of bread and soup and delightful french toast the next morning.

Eltana Bagel: a bagel restaurant in Capital Hill that seriously serves the best bagels we’ve found outside of Vancouver.  Then, you’re competing with Sollys and Seagels.  But here, my heart belongs to Eltana.

Fresh Udon:  If only we lived closer to the Udistrict.  Or if this place existed in my neighborhood.  Yummy and reasonably priced freshly made udon, with all sorts of delectable toppings.  I love the oroshi udon (hot in winter, cold in summer) and the boys love the soup udon. (A similar place if you’re in Honolulu: Marukame udon.)

Fuji Bakery: We stop in this place too often.  I love the pear and apricot tarts.  The boys love the milk sticks and shokupan.  The hubby gets a pain au chocolat.

Macrina Bakery: the hubby and I have loved this place since we moved to Seattle. It’s harder to do their brunch with kids in tow, but we love their rocket muffins, their roly polys and their orange hazelnut pinwheels (and practically everything else on the menu!)  It’s also one of my favorite places to buy birthday cakes.

Mod Pizza: cheap, yummy and fast pizza.  Kind of like a ‘subway’ for pizza but better.

Molly Moon’s ice cream: yummy ice cream, cool flavors, and adorable logo.  Expect long lines.

Paseo: This is the hubby’s favorite Sandwich Place.  The guys are still getting use to the Caribbean flavor but they like the chicken and corn.  We take out and eat on the canal in Fremont on sunny days or bring it as a picnic to the zoo.

Poppy:  A delicious food adventure.  This is not a kids’ restaurant but they do treat kids nicely here.  (I even spotted two high chairs.) They have butter noodles if you ask and you can always let your littles sample your thali.  The dessert thali for two is divine!

Portage Bay Cafe: if you’ve stayed with us in Seattle, chances are we’ve brought you here.  One of our favorite breakfast places in Seattle and awesome for large groups (with kids!).

Purple: The Heavy restaurant group has an amazing beverage list for the grownups.  Purple restaurant has an amazing kids’ menu and their beverage options for the kids?  Two words: Milk Flight.  Seriously awesome.

Serious Pie:  You could add the rest of Tom Douglas’s restaurants to our fave list, but this one is our fave for going with the duo, especially the one in South Lake Union.

Sushiland:  Closest thing Seattle has to Vancouver for decent cheap sushi.  It is easier to go to now that the guys are not babies….they don’t have as many high chairs as Blue C.  (We go to the Queen Anne one.)

Trophy Cupcakes: I will love this place for life.  Especially the one in Wallingford Center.

Tutta Bella Pizza: yummy pizza, fun atmosphere and tons of highchairs.  Love their beet salad, namesake pizza, Chianti and a dish of nutella Gelato.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.  (PS our favorite location is the Wallingford one.)

Twirl Cafe: Best Play Cafe in Seattle for the 6 and under set-it even has decent food!  Check the website for its schedule, sometimes there is dinner, and sometimes there is supervised play. And yes, they serve wine and beer. (THANK YOU!)

Wild Ginger: Passion Tofu is amazing even if y0u’re not a vegetarian and maybe even if you’re not a current tofu fan.  The kid’s satay is the same as the satay appetizer on the adult menu.

(Sans kiddos add Spinasse, Altura and Canlis to the list.  And the Walrus Bar.  Delight!)


Grilled Cheese Grill: we can’t go to the city without a trip to this bus/food cart/decadent cheese-y sandwich delight.

Salt and Straw: Seriously yummy ice cream with very inventive flavors.  There isn’t a lot of seating, but the treats are so worth it.  (They also sell Woodblock Chocolate here, a Portland Bean to Bar chocolate.)


Beaucoup Bakery: newly opened (11/12) this place has such delightful pastries.

Chambar: If I get babysitting, this is where I want to be. Yummy drinks, delicious food…get the “dessert tasting platter” and you will swoon.  (PS. their Dirty Apron cooking classes are on my bucket list and I love love love their Cafe Medina next door.)

Edible Canada: great open kitchen, lovely kids’ lunch menu and so much for kids to look at.

Elysian Coffee: yummy coffee close to Granville Island, and they make a lot of their baked goods on site.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company: It has a little kitchen area that the kids can play in.

JapaDog: I just love it because I’m half-Japanese and think the toppings are cool.  And who doesn’t love a good hot dog?

Stephos: I am still not sure what Veggie Briami is, but I adore it and crave it in Seattle.  This is not fancy, and there is often a huge line for its cheap Greek food.  With kids we order take out and eat on the beach in the summer.

Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe: this place has evolved from a fun breakfast date-place in our college days (my claim to fame is once I saw “will” from Will and Grace here.  We breathed the same air!) to a place that we can bring our kids if we show up super early.  They love the kitchy decor and the yummy food.  FYI: there is always a line, but it is oh so worth it.

Anywhere Granville Island.  I love Dockside for sit-down but tend to grab soup, coffee and pastries and a table by a window in the market with the guys so we can all sprawl out and take it all in.  And Edible Canada is a new fave.

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